2021 Pension Limits


IRA (Individual Retirement Account)
Contribution Limit $6,000 - age 50+ $7,000

Contribution Limit $6,000 - age 50+ $7,000

403B Tax Sheltered Annuity
Contribution Limit $19,500 - age 50+ $26,000
For employees of non-profit organizations, Can be both employer or employee contributions


Simple IRA
Contribution Limit $13,500 - age 50+ $16,500
Required employer MATCH of up to 3% match of salary IF employee participates or 2% contribution  for all eligible employees, immediate vesting of employer contribution, no administrative fees

SEP-IRA Simplified Employee Pension
Up tp 25% (20% Sole Proprietors) of compensation - maximum $57,000
Employer contribution only for all eligible employees, immediate vesting, no administrative fees

Contribution Limit $19,500 - age 50+ $26,000
Employee contribution, employer match optional, vesting of employer contributions up to 6 years

Single 401K
Contribution Limit $56,000
Available to owner(s) and their immediate family members only, no administration fees

Profit Sharing 
Contribution Limit $56,000 
Employer contributions only for eligible employees